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Your doorway to GOOM® (Gestion Objet Orientée/Object Oriented Management) is “GOOM-INTRO – An Introduction to Object Oriented Management”. This course will give you a basic understanding of GOOM, the power of GOOM, and how it can benefit your daily activity, your organization’s effectiveness, and ultimately have a profound impact on the bottom line.

We offer the GOOM INTRO curriculum as a one-day training course or two evening courses, which both qualify for 7 PDUs.

The GOOM approach is highly customizable and can be applied generally, to assist in running a business as a whole or on a project-by-project basis. GOOM training is suitable for a project or business, small or large, in any industry.

With just two days of training (INTRO, METHOD), you can be ready to apply GOOM in your organization or on your project.

Implementation of GOOM typically requires a pilot operational activity or project involving your core team which may be impacted by inefficiencies.

Individual professionals and core members of an organization are encouraged to pursue further, in-depth training. Inteloom offers GOOM – Agent certification, which is a 4-course program and a GOOM – Management Architect certification, which is a 10-course program.  For those professionals who have completed the certification programs and are practitioners of GOOM, we offer registration and certification as a Management Architect (PMAr).

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