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Are you planning on migrating to a new database technology?  From a local network storage to Internet or cloud application?

Are you needing to merge data together from multiple sources that do not play well together?

Is there a high risk, or even a great certainty, that many entries will be duplicates of some form or other, that there will be a number of inconsistencies in how data was entered, or simply the certainty of data entry errors that will need to be cleaned up?

Do your security constraints prevent you from handing over you database to a 3rd party professional for processing?

Inteloom has developed both the expertise and an in-house set of intelligent data merging and migration tools that sets us miles ahead of the competition.

We guarantee quality data merges and migrations from any source to any source that are up 5x faster than traditional data migration practices.

Advantages of an Inteloom Assisted, Intelligent Data Migration

Intelligent Data Merging and Migration Services

  • Different Data Sources
  • Advanced Duplicate Detection
  • Data Entry Error Detection
  • Automated Data Cleaning & Correction

Database Technologies

  • MS Access
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Ask us for more information if your technology is not listed here.

Migration Project Software Tools

We can provide you with a framework that you can use within your existing, internal data migration project.

  • Automation of the object data model creation
  • Built-in optimization of the migration algorithms
  • Flexible data mapping
  • Ease of configuration

Migration Project Software Support

  • Initial setup and configuration assistance
  • Training on how to use the package
  • Support regarding the set of tools
  • Support for any requests or further customization